Multiple Rewards Available (2018/01/05)

As of 01/05/2018, the following rewards have gone unclaimed:
If you made a tip by telephone and were given an online code by an operator, please check the status. If you made a tip through this website, check your status. If you made a tip through the P3 app, check your app for a notification, because you may have a pending reward! There is an expiration to where a reward can no longer be claimed.

Wall of Guns Fundraiser for Peninsula Crimestoppers (2017/06/28)

Wall of guns flyer.pdf

Reward Notice (2012/11/12)

At the November 8th Board Meeting, a reward amount was voted on by board members.  Caller W178-303 needs to contact Crime Stoppers, verify your tip information that was provided and arrange for your reward pick up.

Reward Notice (2012/09/13)

Caller W178-295 please contact Crime Stoppers to claim your reward.  You will need to verify your tip information to claim your reward amount.

Reward Notice (2012/01/13)

At the January 2012 Crime Stoppers Board monthly meeting, a decision was made to issue a reward for caller W178-234.  Please log into your tip for information on how to collect your reward.

Reward Notice (2011/04/17)

At the April board meeting for Peninsula Crime Stoppers, a reward consideration was granted for caller W178-162, for information on a felony crime that lead to the arrest of the suspect.  Tipster W178-162 needs to contact Peninsula Crime Stoppers with their password and confirmation of tip information to collect their cash reward.

Reward Notice (2010/11/05)

Peninsula Crime Stoppers reminds members of the community that they can assist local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime.  The November board meeting of Crime Stoppers resulted in the approval of a $600 reward for information that lead to the arrest of two felony suspects.  Tipster W178-119 is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers with the assigned pass code to claim their reward.

Reward payments (2010/06/08)

Month of June 2010 Board Meeting saw approval of two rewards for tips for a total of $900.  Callers 06-127 and W178-94 are requested to contact Crime Stoppers with their code number and details of their tip in order to collect their reward.

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